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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> cracking down on illegal fireworks. police and firefighters will be out in force to make sure the july 4th celebration doesn't turn into a catastrophe. >> but some bay area homeowners are deeply worried tonight that it won't be enough. with very good reason. good evening. >> abc 7 news reporter alan wong in the oakland hills with the details tonight. >> fir danger sign says moderate but firefighters say don't let it fool you because if humidity is low, we are still in a lot of danger especially if you have hundreds of commercial grade fireworks exploding overhead. that's what they are expecting tomorrow and that's what has so many neighbors anxious. it looks like an official july 4th celebration over san francisco bay. but it's not. illegal
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commercial grade fireworks display in wendy young oakland neighborhood. >> lots of opportunities for injury and of course all the fireworks going off landing on people's roofs and with the dry dry dry weather we could have some serious fire problems. >>reporter: she describes past fourth of july celebration near san antonio park as a free-for-all. >> crowds so hostile the police finally had to back away finally. >>reporter: but the fire chief assured residents at the district meet that go extra police and 24 patrolling engines out in full force. >> just to have the high visibility to let the community know that we are out there and we are taking a serious approach to the fireworks. >> like a war zone. >>reporter: do you have any confidence the city will control this this year. >> i don't because of under staffed police. >>reporter: sky 7 hd captures similar problems all over oakland each fourth of july. young says her call for more police action have gone unanswered so this year she
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says she contacted the alcohol tobacco and firearms division of the federal government. so far the calls and e-mails have gone unanswered. in oakland, 7 news. >> new at 11:00. 6 people need a new place to live after apartment fire in oakland. news crew nearby and heard explosion after 8 at brighton avenue. firefighters believe propane tank exploded during the fire blowing a window completely off the house. crew kept major damage contained to one building. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> happening now. hurricane arthur is moving through north carolina after making lapped fall nearly 3 hours ago. arthur the first named storm of the hurricane season. listed as category 2 storm right now at 100 miles an hour winds. evacuation under way along north carolina outer banks. those islands popular with tourist and arthur forced many folk to change the holiday weekend plan. look at the
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picture. hurricane arthur from space. it's a massive storm about 400 miles across. astronaut reid tweeted the storm from the international space station. just how big this storm is. sandy is tracking arthur and is here now. it's not a particularly strong storm but it's a huge storm and will ruin a lot of holiday plans. >> it is. let me show you live doppler 7hd and talk about the storm itself. still churning off the coast up to virginia and it did make land fall at 8:15 tonight near cape look out north carry loon. as you take the a look writ now rain band thunderstorms moving across caroline coast line and i take you in category 2 still wind gust of 120 miles an hour. sustained wind at 100. cape look out wind gust of 101 miles an hour. as you notice here pine island gusting to 66. 72
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at hat has. projected path expected to remain category 2 through tomorrow morning weakening to cat 1 as it moves out over the ocean and by saturday it has fallen apart. but the waves the wind and the rain biggest problem and of course there could be delays heading into the airport. i'll be back with detailed look at our fourth of july forecast. >> thanks very much. new at 11:00 foster farms issued the first recall link to 16 month long salmonella outbreak affects about 170 different chicken product. recall covers chicken labeled with used or free states ranging from march 21 to march 29. packages also feature the plant code p 6137, p 6137 a and p 7632. foster farms is california biggest poultry producer. as many as 600 people have gotten sick from the antibiotic resistant strain of salmonella. now the
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usda finally link add person ill in california directly to foster farms chicken. we have all the recall information on our web site. good to the web site when you can. check the freezer refrigerator before you cook out this holiday wean. >> outrage and heart break tonight after palestine teen was kidnapped and murdered outside jerusalem. 16-year-old mohammad was stabbed and burned to death tuesday. tonight his family in the south bay is speaking out about it. we have the story. of she is glued to facebook page and phone for more information about the death of her nephew mohammad. 16-year-old was kidnapped tuesday morning in the town here. >> that day i couldn't speak. i couldn't stop crying. >>reporter: but since mohammad murder she has been in chaos. the violence has escalated.
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more kidnappings have been reported there and this family says relatives visiting the region from the u.s. have been targeted and even arrested. >> they are paying the praise for something they didn't do. revenge. just plain revirngs many believe the murder was in retaliation for the death of 3 israeli teenagers. that's what reignited tension that this family think have reached a boiling point. and plans to visit the city have been cancelled. >> to think we were supposed to be there is just really scary. my mom and dad won't send us just for our safety. >>reporter: she wishes things were different. another cousin who lives in sacramento went to east jerusalem last year. the picture was taken with mohammad during that trip. >> why was he the have im? because he's the wrong place at the wrong time. he was vulnerable. a little child. >>reporter: there was a vigil held tonight in sacramento it
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was a public service where mohammad family received condolence and prayers from the community at the center. there will also be a victim at the corner of winchester and steven creek boulevard tomorrow night 7:30 to 8:30. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the butt canyon fire in napa county still burning but firefighters made progress d.tonight the fire is 4300 acres nearly 7 square miles and 45 percent contained. the conditions helped make firefighters make progress today. 1700 firefighters and support staff are assign to the fire. rough terrain make it hard for firefighters to get to some fire lines. meanwhile a wide range of emotion as all evacuated resident return home today. flames spared homes in berryessa states but they leveled peter and christina anderson cabin nearby above
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butts valley road. >> i built this house with my dad. in 1962 with my brothers. a lot of berry here. look like they are all gone. >>reporter: anderson one of 2 homes and 7 outbuildings destroyed. no new structures burned today. uc berkeley student says man sexually assaulted her while she was brushing her teeth inside a dormatory restroom. she says it happened in priestly hall before 11:30 last night. the victim told policeman stood behind her and rubbed his body against her inappropriately. there is no description of the man responsible. new details tonight update from cal-trans which says northbound interstate 280 in san francisco will reopen in time for monday morning commute as they have scheduled. that closure means 280 is closed between u.s. 101 and the northern end of the freeway at king street near at&t park. this video shot tonight shows the work to replace a bridge hinge. it allow elevated freeway to bend and flex.
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>> they are working hard is that coming up next on 7 news. >> i remember seeing bright flash. >> bay area man hurt in iraq. how he is now fighting so other warriors have place to go after the battle field. >> plus the annual hot dog eating competition heating up. new bay area challenger facing local champ joey chest nut. >> people are asking will the fog cooperate tomorrow night. full fourth of july fireworks forecast. >> but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> here's just a sample of what we have in store for you we have in store for you tonight fv just shoplifted a ham from vons market. all right. just shoplifted. >> naught
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>> fourth of july of course is such a great time to salute the men and women in the military who serve in our country. one is a local iraq war veteran who shows us why he's grateful for his opportunity to serve. he helps other veteran succeed despite the injuries he suffered from improvised explosive device. lee ann has the story. >> sergeant tran has several pictures to go along with his many come about the stories. >> picture of me in my full combat kit. >>reporter: still has the helmet that saved his life after being severely injured in two,000 8. by aneurysm ed blast while serving in iraq. >> this actually still has the natural blood that was from my the you can tell they didn't
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client out. still stains in here. >>reporter: his captain seen in this picture lost a leg. >> since i was his right hand man very close to him. i lost my right eye. fractured my femur your. >>reporter: he is able to walk thanks to titanium rod. san jose native says he has no regret about enlisting in the army at the age of 26. before that he had a career in marketing. it was during a gathering with friends that he says he felt something was missing in his life. >> somebody asked me if you were to die today what do you think people would say but. i was quiet because i didn't fee feel, i felt i hadn't accomplished anything. >>reporter: short time later he found himself in iraq as infantry man helping in construction and also on patrol on the front-line. it was a new world for him one that ht will always carry with him. >> gave me a life. gave me a
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purpose. gave me meaning. guys are great. >>reporter: he still keeps in touch with many of them. he took that experience and started anvil construction now with 50 employees. 3 of them are war veterans. after opening his busy made a commitment to other veteran and to himself. >> goal is to grow. it will be a process. >>reporter: he balance his career with new role as datd. he has a 20 month old soychbility i tell everyone i used to be a sergeant in the army now i'm just if he's the general of the house. >>reporter: this is possible because he was given a second chance to find out who he really should be exploratorium, abc 7 news. >> tesla made a commit tomorrow hire veteran. palo alto car company announce new program to
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get more vet run on board. tesla says vets are the perfect fit because many learned highly technical skills in the military. >> here we go. new york city the weigh in ceremony took place did for nathan famous fourth of july hot dog eating contest. 7 time champion joey the jaws chestnut sipes the competition today. the resident set new world record last year scarfing down 69 hot dog in 10 minutes. goal is to devour 72 dog and this year chestnut has competition from another san jose residence. max stone video made himself speed eating peep. he is just 130 pounds. chestnut weigh twos 05 pounds so joey has weight advantage. also tough to make transfriction peep to hot dog. >> it is. >> everybody knows that in that sport. >> definitely. comes up big with competitive eating for some reason. >> talk about the forecast for the fourth of july.
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>> we have the latest from sand why. >> hi there. nothing strange about our foggy that we are always concerned about around this time of year for the fourth of july. let's look at the forecast. we are going to see some fog near the coast. a little patch over the basement inland skies will be pretty clear. temperatures at the time the fireworks going off in the 50's, 60's for most years. 70's inland. here's are specifically the temperatures for some of the major firework fireworks. most areas will be in the 60's. berkeley, san francisco in the 50's so those are the areas you might want to dress warmly. most fireworks show should be spectacular but the one in san francisco will be seeing some fog around but in case we see the fog and don't get too much in the way of spectacular show here's time lapse from richmond. fireworks going off on independence eve. live doppler 7hd now and i'll show you what is going on. the fog is very limited tonight. just patchy near the coast and marine layer has compressed.
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soon of things to come for your hotel difficult weaned. here's a view from the emeryville camera lacking across the bay and visibility fine with patchy cloud out there exploratorium oakland in the 50's along with gilroy half machine bay. low 60's sap carlos, san jose mild from the exploratorium camp are looking good out towards the coyote tower area. 50's in this area and livermore in the 60's so comfortable weather from our roof cam are the wind we had earlier have dialed bac back. forecast patches of fog overnight tonight. sunny for most areas for the fourth of july. of course there are exceptions i'll talk about that in a moment and hot day inland this upcoming weekend here's why the heat is coming our way. hot air mass over the desert south west will shift west ward that will bring us some heat. so inland areas will be close to 100 degrees sunday monday. tomorrow morning fog near the coast. very limited. maybe few patches around oakland richmond 50's to low 60's and then as we head towards the
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afternoon 83 in san jose. pretty warm in los gatos. 87 degrees. 80 sunnyvale 88 gilroy and peninsula 79 red wad city and mountain view lacking good for those parades. 61 in pacifica. fog lingering in half moon bay. 66 downtown san francisco and in the north bay 60's at the coast. 80's, 90's, most other area. sausalito 68. 85 in santa rose. east bay grilling weather is nice and mild. 71 oakland. 74 newark. inland spots on the warm side. 89 livermore. fairfield. concord. 87 degrees. now look at the forecast. abc 7 news and radio disney presents san francisco similar funny with the fireworks at shore lean. it is going to be clear. low mid 60's of spencer christian will be there. for the 4 5, 6:00 p.m. broadcast and accu-weather 7 day forecast heat this weekend. mid upper 90's inland. comfortable in the 60's at the coast and a little cooler middle of next week. dan if the band push is
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at the fair. >> right before the fireworks. >> yes. >> we look forward to that. >> all right let's turn to sports lots in baseball to talk by. right. >> tale of 2 cities. january thon trying to find a win column in home. and blue jay silenced and game under silenced and game under protest. we explain next intans you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to big cu real big clu real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. celebrate the fourth with envy apples, just $1.99 a pound. rancher's reserve tri tip roast is only $3.99 a pound. for the grand finale, dreyer's ice cream is just $2.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life.
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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. >> a's host the blue jay and not often you see a play in baseball that is so confusing for the players, manager and umpire that end up under protest. that's exactly what happened any. stay with me. top 2. bases loaded. anthony
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ground and tag the runner heading to second. umpire mis misses the tag and the force out. manager challenges saying he made the tag meaning the play at home should be a tag out not force out. after 1 11ment review the tag and run count. 1 nothing jay with two out. melvin ask the game to be under protest. doesn't matter. a's get a two knuckle. captain make the diving catch. the score on the double. next batter. dick wild pitch and score on a pass ball and a's snap a 3 game losing streak. 4-1 the final. jim and wife sarah take in the game. top fears. 2 run shot off madison. 12th of the year. good aim. right to a cardinal fan. if 5 innings. 6 hits. 5 runs. winless in the last 4 starts at home. giants lost 14 of the last 17 at at&t 7-2 the final.
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>> we know it's not acceptable. we have to find a way to get through this. and push harder. we have to regroup and find a way to get it done. >> we take our final time out before we serve them up at wimbledon for the semi-finals where history with native canada in the match we explain canada in the match we explain as we continue
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>> ladies day at wimbledon. semifinal. canadians history. first from her country male or female to make to it grand slam final in only sixth major championship. facing the third seat. big band theory big fan.
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tough break early in the match. roll the left afternoon el right there that hurt. had to get it taped. probably contributed to the straight set win and covers a lot of court. able to win the rally and the match in straight sets. she's on to the finals here. face her and made at least a quarter final 5 years in a row and after tight first set ran away with the second wining in straight set. she has the experience in the finals and should be good one. finally the web tot come nova scotia in the middle of the 18th fair wa way. keen interest in the approach shot of joy. look at him. watching the ball. this has been in the fair way a lot and say something about the swing as he walked away. nobody got hurt. a lot of fun. confusion for mr. joy.
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>> just chilling out. watching him with the club. >> stay with us we'll
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he. >> here's a look at the fourth of july wake up weather. tomorrow morning patchy fog around light breeze temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we will be here 4:ly to 7:00 a.m. >> all right thank you sandhya. >> that is our report from tonight. thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our 7 news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> hope you have a safe and happy fourth of july. enjoy the weekend for all of us here, actress jessica alba with jimmy kimmel. >> great tonight and wonderful >> great tonight and wonderful holiday
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jessica alba. director ben falcone. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from sia with cleto and the cletones and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello, everyone. thank you for being here.


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